A visitor to the gallery views our blog projected onto the Comments Box wall.

To everyone who joined me yesterday for the gallery discussion & Thinking Aloud – THANK YOU! It was a great afternoon and I thoroughly enjoyed our discussion. If you’d like to add anything to the blog post I’ve written about it (below), please do feel free to add your comments. It would be great to continue the conversations and allow other visitors to the gallery to enter into them online too.




  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and learn't that I should go to more walk and talk / structuired events… other people's ideas and thoughts were fascinating and thought provoking.Thanks

  2. Both the itinerant discussion (nothing like the traditional "guided tour"!) and the coffee-fuelled chat were very welcome stimulation and completely opened up my appreciation of what could have been quite a difficult exhibition to get a handle on and the many levels of which could have been missed entirely if I hadn't been in quite the right mood. Result was that I came away thinking that it is a really good exhibition and that I will definitely investigate Richard Grayson's previous work too.Thinking further on the nature of belief…(there's a long way to go!).. I always liked that "I want to believe" poster in the X-files series – which of course also features a flying saucer…the conundrum there being that Mulder of course wants to believe..in something believable, not in the non-existent. Belief gives one an immense feeling of strength and confidence, an adrenaline buzz and a striding purpose. This is too often taken as some kind of Proof of Existence of the "object" of said belief, when really it is simply a marvelous by-product, fruit of biochemistry.Just one strand of the many thoughts provoked and multiplying from an altogether excellent afternoon in the company of fine work and fine people, thank you very much!

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