The new show

The installation of our new exhibition Introspective Retrospective by Tomoko Takahashi is nearly finished and it looks fanatastic. The boys are all getting pretty weary after 15 days of hard slog. Tomoko seems to be pretty happy with the end results. She has been living and working in Bexhill for the last three months and has produced two entirely new works for the DLWP – one engaging Japanese manga comics and the other with the Stade in Hastings. Tomoko embraces all. We are all looking forward to the opening party at 3pm on Saturday 3rd which is an informal affair with a DJ on the South Terrace, drinks and hopefully dancing. EVERYONE WELCOME!


7 responses to “The new show

  1. Very inspiring stuff. You need to work on your spelling. I'm sure you have seen the junk shops in Hastings Old Town – they look a bit like your clockwork exhibition! Please look at our homemade children's picture books with photos taken on Bexhill-on-sea.

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