Above and below: photographs of objects at a fleamarket, Rachel Cohen.


Brighton based artist, Rachel Cohen, brought her collection of quirky photographs of objects displayed at fleamarkets to the De La Warr Pavilion this afternoon. The Collectors Corner presentation brought up questions regarding how we make decisions about ordering and organising things and the individuality of this process. Rachel told us how she had spent hours organising the photographs into an order which would “flow” for the slideshow, grouping the objects in the images by theme (such as religious icons), function (e.g.tools), shape or material. Then a second layer of organising was demonstrated within the pictures, this time not under Rachel’s control, instead decided by the stall-holders themselves as they chose how to display the objects on their stalls, whether in chaotic heaps, colourful groups or ordered as rows or grids.

It was interesting to think about how Tomoko Takahashi decides how to position and “display” the objects in her installations and the “internal logic” which governs her decisions about the careful placement of individual items in her seemingly chaotic arrangements.

Rachel Cohen website



  1. There are some rude comments here — but thewse people seem to want to miss the point — there are some brilliant things here for example — tjhe crash jananese course is a brilliant pievce of work – in its exicution, and for what you leanr from it and the general spirit of thje piece — but also, the disturbing 'acidents ' fpor example, the offices with objects are not so different from the offices people actually work in and have to accept as normal – also, the inclusion among the clocks and the immigarttion and border control papers which are truly rubbish. Excellent through andthrough

  2. it's like a combination of our garage and our studio, but taken to extremes. At least now ,when my partner says it's untidy in either the garage or studio, I can now say @I'm working on my art !@ In a single word @rubbish@ inevery sense of the word !

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