Warhol Is Here

Welcome to the Warhol Is Here exhibition. We would love to know what you think. Please add your comments!

21 responses to “Warhol Is Here

  1. Upstairs the pink cow wallpaper is a izzing background to the nonsense of 80's USA. I had forgotten that ICBM stood for Interontinental Ballisti Missile – all the Cold War nomenclature just flooded back.In the main gallery the quality of the work on the Campbell's Soup tins just shone. Sparkling ads for consumerism that are as relevant today with anti Wall St protests and recognising that globalisation is a dumbing down imperialism. Do beware do to the posters in the back room – ads becoming the art themselves. However, the photo room has a parental advisory notice for good reason.

  2. wow loved it..especially the cow print wallpaper room..exactly what warhol would have wanted..something that is in your face and shouting look at me..I was well impressed with the talk.I want to say thanku to everyone who opened my eyes to warhol even more than i knew.I want people to come who are sketical about warhol because it will change your mind about him and hopefully fall in love or maybe provoke an emotion you've never expected:)

  3. An excellent exhibition – well curated, so well done the De La Warr….I thinkit is now obvious why Warhol is a household name…iconic images recognisable by everyone, and in fact used by so many different genres nowadays…great to see it all in one room, and I only wish I could afford some of it. Re the exhibition, my only criticism is that there was not really enough information given…..and the labels downstairs were annoying as they were not beside each art work. Upstairs could have done with a bit more explantion….no reason given for the Robert Maplethrope picture…..lots of people probably would not know who he was or why he was there.Apsrtfrom that, great stuff – keep it up, The De La Warr.

  4. Great Andy Wahole exhibition as have never seen his work close up b4 also much bigger than had anticipated. This site is a great place to hold exhibitions in the future glad that it is being done up but shame we had to walk two miles up the beach as walk way was closed. No good for the elderly or disabled. Maybe a good idea to inform people the site is being restored at present although will look gr8t when finished. Thank you

  5. Why didn't some one think ahead slightly before the exhibition and use the word WARR in the 'Warholl is here' logo?such asWARRHOL IS HERE orWARrHOL IS HERE orDE LA WARRHOL orDE LA WARHOL

  6. seeing the posters in a series, with the repitition, really makes sense of them to me. The power is in the repeated image like a strong beat or heavy chord in music. Loved the colours too. What an influence on the way we see theings, even now. A visitor to Bexhill, exhilarated by the new promeade and the link to the pavilion, very nearly there…….!

  7. I loved the cow's wallpaper in gallery 2. I also liked the different works of him, showing not just what he famous for, but his other, less known works. I particulary enjoyed the vivid description of him at the beginning, as it showed me what we were in store for. Very interesting and impressive

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