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  1. I like warhol. He is quite a good artist and some of his fork is very funny . And we go to the art gallery a lot. Nice seaside view and good food. Warhol has got character and whoa this is really long.

  2. I like Warhol as well because of his weird art . Especially the soup cans and the Marilyn Monroe screenprints . The room with the cow wallpaper was very interesting due to its strange look .

  3. Great to see original work but not very impressed by his work. It seems he had few intrests other than a deep intrest in himself . I suppose its of its time and we are so used to his imagery now that its hard to imagine how ground breaking it was back then. He changed what was conceived as art .I especially liked the skulls but I dont really see how a print of a soup tin is art or a stack of soap powder boxes.Was he just off his head on drugs??

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