Welcome To Bexhill

Young artists and their families joined us for a special Lift The Lid session this Sunday – as we made a giant model of Bexhill.
We made the De La Warr Pavilion itself, complete with a seagull on the roof!
Accrington Park – with flowers, ponds, ducks, tadpoles …
Swings …
… and trees with singing birds in them.
And we made…
Roads and railway tracks…
Railways and trains…
And police stations and fire stations and schools and hospitals.
Finally we made the Bexhill sea and the things we find in it…
Everything from Sailing Boats…
…to whales!

Lift The Lid was hosted this month by DLWP artist Wendy Ann Greenhalgh. Thanks to volunteers Ben and Jehan and all the amazing young architects, town planners, engineers and artists who took part. Lift The Lid sessions happen the first Sunday of every month from 2-5pm. Join us for the next one!


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