Dreams of De la Warr

Drawing on some of the themes in the Cerith Wyn Evans exhibition, storyteller and composer Daniel Marcus Clark found out what lies beyond this world by collecting accounts and drawings of peoples dreams. These were compiled to create a dream map and a recorded piece which can be found here: Cerith Wyn Evans Dream track one

The accounts were beautifully soundtracked by Cerith’s flute piece incarnation installation.
Participants also drew pictures of their dream landscapes on acetates, which were collated into a map of the dream realm.
A magical day!

12 responses to “Dreams of De la Warr

  1. If I encountered the light columns in Selfridge's as a seasonal display, I would think them striking, but as works of art, I think they are wholly bogus.I reckon that each of these columns has a rating of about 20kw. Who is paying for this prodigious use of peak time electricity? I do hope that it is not the hard pressed rate payers of Rother District!BJ

  2. lovely spot – came here to work on a writing projet but wifi not working two days in a row! Staff say it hasn't worked properly for months. How can you be a cuttting edge cultural centre and not have wifi! Sort it please!

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