The Ride Goes On

IMG_4463Our cavalcade of Radical Riders, inspired by Shaun Gladwell’s Jack-in-the-Green, continued this week, with a new cast of characters. A quiet afternoon in terms of gallery visitors, but a very lively afternoon in terms of the  live music installations all over the building by performcrs from the cutting-edge electronic music label, Editions Mego.


Our interaction zone on the rooftop foyer was a little haven of incredibly concentrated activity. Lovely visitors, lovely work. Let the carnival begin..

Elvis and friend….IMG_446621st century Rapunzel…IMG_4467and her pink companion…IMG_4469Dudette…IMG_4472Alien…IMG_4473Superman…IMG_4475Spiderman…IMG_4478Bart…IMG_4480Mermaid…IMG_4483Floral princess…IMG_4485Batman…IMG_4487The Wicked Witch, hotly pursued by…IMG_4488Dorothy and Toto…IMG_4491


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