Hand signals

This time I wanted to do something a little bit different during the gallery intervention so I brought with me some dumb things of my own – a can, a bronze hand, a round stone and a piece of old fence. OR DID I????

Setting myself up at a table underneath a fairly Heath Robinson ‘tape written’ sign WHAT AM I DOING? I placed the dumb things on the table and then invited people to re-invent them, to give them qualities they thought they should or could have and annotate them. I was delighted by the range of responses – from ¬†mystical to pragmatic, historical to sexual, witty and inventive.

It was a really buzzy day with lots going on and over 60 people came to see what I was up to

Not only was this a great way to start a conversation about the Leckey exhibition – some people loved it:

“It just has so many layers, I can’t stop making links between things”

and some people found it very challenging:

“I can see he’s chosen all these objects but don’t ask me why”

It also provided an interesting dynamic in the relationship between different people’s annotations, which has given me an idea for the next intervention!



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