The De La Warr Pavilion is delighted to support a group of  local established artists led by Glenys X Jacques, who  will create work in the southern Italian town Corigliano d’Otranto.

Glenys says:

“This special little town has an exemplary record for involving artists and local businesses in creating new ways of thinking about art and the community. The local Mayor,  Ada Fiore, a practicing philosopher, has initiated several successful projects including  a Garden of Sofia, (wisdom)  with illuminated ceramic jars with ancient philosophical sayings which have come to guide us over the years.

The group  will do a week’s residency, culminating in exhibited work in the newly renovated castle. They will work with the local community and local artists to make work in response to the town.

It is a wonderful opportunity  to make work in a town which is geographically the same as our south coast. We have much to learn from them and we will use this experience to create a special show next year and invite our Italian colleagues to work with us on the project.”

Il tavolo/La tavola


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